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This is too hot.  Emma Watson, why are you so perfect?


#emma watson#elle#celebs#beauty
This is too hot.  Emma Watson, why are you so perfect?

Gall bladder’s last day. [theawkwardyeti]


James Blake | “Retrograde”

So.  Good.


The Killers | “Just Another Girl”

Hahaha, I kind of love this.  Plus, I love The Killers.  :)

A little late considering the 50th anniversary of JFK’s death was a few days ago, but just thought I’d post some pictures of one of the most beautiful and captivating couples to have graced the White House— 

It’s a shame that this tragedy had to have happened in my hometown, and I feel as though the city is still recuperating from it fifty years later.

Though the efficacy of JFK’s short-lived presidency as well as the soundness of his moral character can be questioned, the glamour of this couple is undeniable.